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"He talked about a music which would attain this universal vibration toward which

the hummingbirds glide and the flowers are blown.

—  Quote in Siméon  —


In a small village in the West Indies, Siméon, a music teacher and Isidore, his 

star disciple, a mechanic by necessity and guitarist by passion, shared the same 

ambition, an impossible dream — to put their island on the world’s music map with 

Zouk music. Orélie, Isidore’s ten year old daughter helps him in his endeavours,

by bringing Simeon, back to life, after he fell from his tree, trying to get too

close to the full moon.







Directed by: Euzhan Palcy

Screenplay by: Euzhan Palcy & Jean-Pierre Rumeau

Dialogues by: Euzhan PalcyJean-Pierre Rumeau

From an original story of: Euzhan Palcy

Songs written & interpreted by: Kassav

Music composed by: Bruno Coulais

Mixed by: Didier Lozahic

Cinematographer: Philippe Welt

Sound Engineer: Bernard Bats

Sound Mixing by: William Flageollet

Edited by: Marie-Josephe Yoyotte

Art Director: Bernard Vezat

Costume Designer: Annie Quesnel

Sound Editing: Gina Pignier

Special Effects Supervisor: Christian Guillon / Ex-Machina

Executive Producer: Jean-Lou Monthieux

Production manager: Jean De Tregomain

A Co-Production: Saligna Production / France 2 Cinéma

Running time: 115 minutes

Country: France (Martinique)

Language: French with English subtitles




Jean-Claude Duverger  —  Siméon

Jacob Desvarieux (Kassav)  —  Isidore

Jocelyne Béroard (Kassav)  —  Roselyne

Little Lucinda Messager  —  Orélie

Albert Lirvat  —  Albert

Jean-Michel Martial  —  Max

Gerty Dambury  —  Lucia

Jean-Claude Naimro (Kassav)  —  Charlie


With Pascal Legitimus  —  Philomène Jr

With the voice of Lisette Malidor  —  The Lady of Fire








The ghost of a music teacher pushes a young mechanic to start a career in music.

Siméon is Euzhan Palcy’s third feature film.  It marks her return to France after her 

American experience with the film A Dry White Season. She wanted Season 

to be "Cinema Verité" — that is to reflect the truth — at all costs.


And the lengths she had to go through to make that a reality took a heavy toll on her, both mentally and physically.  But on the flight bringing her to visit Francis Ford Coppola on the set of The Godfather 3 by his invitation, a spark of light begins to shine.


A tune, an image, a color pop into her mind and Euzhan embarks on the writing of 

Siméon as if tomorrow was her last day.  She pulls on everything she’s learned, 

every single thing that made her the artist she became.


Siméon becomes a lively movie, a real extravaganza of color and music, an 

antidote to gloom, a tribute to all that the Caribbean can create for our delight. 

Siméon, the spirit of music marks the return of Euzhan Palcy to her roots, nine years
after her seminal movie, the classic Sugar Cane Alley.




2019  —  The Masterpieces of MoMA’s Black Art collection of the last 90 years

2013  —  Cannes Classics official selection
1995  —  Fespaco Thomas Sankara Institute for Black People Award
1993  —  Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival / Silver Raven Award (Competing with Sam Raimi's Army of the Darkness and Joe Dante's Matinee)

1993  —  Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema / Audience Award
1993  —  Montreal Film Festival, Vue d'Afrique / Ban Zil Kreyol Award
1993  —  Milan Film Festival Youth Award




" One of the sunniest and most charming ghost stories ever told "

Los Angeles Times, 1993


" Spirited humor in a ghost story "

Philadelphia Inquerer, 1993


" One of the most vibrant and vital film you'll ever see "

Siméon A Film Review by Linda Lopez McAlister "The Women's Show"

WMNF - FM, 88.5 Tampa, Florida September 11, 1993







" The audience literally rose to their feet at the end of the film and danced in the aisles"

Ron Magliozzi / Commisionner MoMA New York, 2011


 “ Euzhan, it appears that Siméon lit the fuse at the Cinematheque ”

Costa Gavras / Chairman of Cinematheque Francaise


" It was the first time that I danced with my pupils "

Teacher at Jules Ferry high school in Anzin, France




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